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In a move set to redefine luxury travel in Saudi Arabia, the kingdom is gearing up for the launch of its first-ever luxury train service, “Dream of the Desert,” by the end of 2025. The ambitious project, a collaboration between Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR) and the Italian hospitality company Arsenale Group. Is expected to cover a mesmerizing 800-mile route from the bustling capital of Riyadh to the northern province of Al Jawf’s Al Qurayyat.

800 Miles of Splendor

The train, composed of 40 lavish cabins, is not just a means of transportation but a journey through the heart of the kingdom’s awe-inspiring desert interior. The carefully planned route, spanning one to two days, will include stops in Al Qassim, Hail, and Al Jouf. Offering passengers a glimpse into the diverse landscapes and cultural richness of Saudi Arabia. The final destination, just 20 miles from the Jordanian border, adds an international flair to the adventure.

Saudi Arabia: 'Dream of the Desert' Train to Start Trips in Q4 2025
Source: Asharqal Aswat

Bashar bin Khalid Al-Malik, the CEO of SAR, expressed excitement about the upcoming luxury train service. Emphasizing its role in allowing both locals and tourists to explore more of the Kingdom. During the agreement signing with Arsenale CEO Paolo Barletta. Al-Malik highlighted the significance of the train in promoting tourism. Inviting travelers to embark on an extraordinary journey inspired by Saudi style and tradition.

Italian Precision Meets Saudi Tradition

The Italian craftsmanship behind Dream of the Desert is evident. As Arsenale Group brings its expertise to the project. While the train cars are manufactured in Italy, they will be meticulously customized to reflect the rich cultural tapestry of Saudi Arabia. This blend of Italian precision and Saudi heritage promises a unique and unparalleled travel experience for passengers.

Just like the iconic Orient Express, Saudi Arabia is all set to get its first luxury train which will take passengers on a 1300 km journey across the Kingdom. - Luxurylaunches
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The unveiling of Dream of the Desert aligns with Saudi Arabia’s ambitious tourism goals, aiming to attract 150 million visitors by the end of the decade. This grand vision has seen the kingdom rapidly develop various tourist destinations. From the ancient oasis city of AlUla to the scenic Red Sea coast and the futuristic Neom gigaproject.

Arsenale Group’s involvement in other luxury train ventures, such as La Dolce Vita in Italy and a collaboration with the UAE’s Etihad Railway, indicates a growing trend in luxury train cruising as a preferred post-Covid travel experience. As the world redefines its approach to tourism, Saudi Arabia is not just keeping pace; it’s setting new standards with the introduction of Dream of the Desert—a luxurious odyssey through the heart of the Arabian Peninsula.

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