In a historic move, Saudi Arabia stepped joined the rest of the world in the 21st century as they repealed the driving ban on women. The Saudi Kingdom announced this shocking turn of events on Tuesday.

The Saudi Kingdom announced this shocking turn of events on Tuesday:

“King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud has issued a decree authorising the issuance of drivers’ licences for women in the kingdom,” Saudi state TV said.

The movie has sent the whole world into a frenzy. And this step seems to be a part of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious reform push aimed at adapting to a post-oil era and improving a global reputation battered by its human rights record.

The driving ban on women had long cast the shadow of an oppressive regime and while this announcement has riled the strict religious conservatives of the Gulf Kingdom, activists all around the world have praised this move as a step towards women empowerment.

Needless to say, people took to Twitter with some rather impressive and quirky tweets to rejoice this win for women.

Tell me where’s the lie?

The decree will take effect in June 2018. 

Till then, there are predatory measures being taken to accommodate the infrastructure for more drivers on the roads and to expand licensing facilities.

More power to you!