getting married in holy places now allowed
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According to recent news, it seems that Saudi authorities have introduced a new initiative permitting marriage contracts to be conducted at Islam’s most sacred sites in Makkah and Medina, aiming to enhance the pilgrimage and visitor experience.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah revealed the initiative, allowing organized marriage ceremonies at the Grand Mosque in Makkah and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. A lot of experts view this initiative as an opportunity for companies to develop innovative approaches to organizing these events while maintaining respect for the sanctity of the locations. This sounds like quite an interesting news for everyone.

Makkah and marriages taking place in the Masjid
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Marriage Within The Masjids

According to Saudi marriage official Musaed Al Jabri, conducting marriage contracts at these mosques is sanctioned in Islam, citing instances where Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) himself performed such rites. After all, following in the Sunnah is an extremely vital aspect of Islam. Al Jabri also highlighted the common practice of conducting marriage contracts at the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina due to space constraints and the desire to accommodate numerous invitees, as well as beliefs in the blessings associated with such ceremonies.

Attendees of these ceremonies are expected to adhere to specific rules, including avoiding disturbances to worshippers with loud noises and respecting the sanctity of the location by refraining from excessive food and beverages. Thus, if a marriage ceremony is being conducted within the premises, then all of the rules out of be adhered. It is a sacred place and no one wants to disturb anyone else.

makkah and medina marriage open now
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Saudi Arabia Policies

Millions of Muslims, both local and international, visit the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque annually to perform Umrah and explore other significant Islamic sites in Medina. It can be quite a good sight to see that marriage ceremonies are also being conducted in the holy places.

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