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Javeria Saud is an incredible Pakistani television actress with many talents. Besides acting, she’s a producer, screenwriter, singer, and host! You might know her best for her role as Jameela in GEO TV’s popular drama series, ‘Yeh Zindagi Hai’. Javeria is married to Saud Qasmi, who’s not only an actor with 150 films under his belt but also a TV producer. Together, these two are definitely a powerhouse in the industry.

Recently Saud and Javeria both appeared on Samaa TV’s talk show, with Madeha Naqvi as the host, and discussed potential reasons why divorces seem to be increasing. Saud and Javeria shared their experience as a married couple and linked it to potential reasons for increasing divorce rates.

Saud and Javeria On Divorce Rates

The discussion began when the host, Madeha requested the happily married couple for a formula. She shared that it seems that on the slightest of problems, people part ways. And have failed to understand the concept of compromise.

Where Javeria could only laugh at how most married couples now are usually old friends, the film star gave some valuable input on the matter. He shared that as the elderly say, during arranged marriage, the two don’t know each other. After their life as a married couple begins, they start to learn about each other and grow to love one another.

Saud maintained that when the married couple knows each other beforehand, it often adds a sense of insecurity and jealousy, which can later topple the marriage.

Saud and Javeria are one celebrity couple that has lasted a long time and, hence are a symbol of stability. The couple’s insights offer a worthy argument in a society where divorce rates are increasing tremendously. Whereas, loved marriages only focus on individualistic choices, arranged marriage prioritizes family involvement and shared values from the beginning.

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