Sarwat Gilani
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Actress Sarwat Gilani appeared on a show with Mira Sethi and had an enlightening conversation there. And it is not unexpected considering the host of the show herself is an amazing person who is known for her sophisticated and learned style of talking to people.

The Feminist Drama and Sarwat Gilani

Following Sarwat’s statement, Mira assumed her to be a feminist, so she asked her. To which, Sarwat denied it right away. She said she is not a feminist and that she believes men have their own place. Confused, right? So, Mira tried to explain to her that feminism, or rather, the original feminism, does not deny men their rightful place. However, Sarwat stuck with her initial statement, and she added that she thinks everyone has a rightful place.

Mira whispers, ‘Then you are a feminist, Sarwat.’

Find the full interview below:

I think what Sarwat meant was that the interpretation of feminism in Pakistan is what she does not align with. But people picked her statement about her wanting to rely on men and how she is not a feminist and started giving her opinion on that. While some people agreed with it, others bashed her.

Let’s have a look at the reactions, shall we?

Most Pakistanis did not like the web series Churail, and they were not hesitant in letting everyone know. They assumed it to be anti-men, so they rejected the series outright. Some of the audience started hating on the actors who signed for the project as well. So it’s safe to assume that Sarwat Gilani and Yasra must have lost their followers, too, unless they watch the show, that is.

So the Pakistanis labeled this, her denouncing ties to feminism, to regain the lost followers.

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They also understood it as her not very educated in the phenomenon of feminism.

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Obviously, the statement would be enough to trigger toxic feminists because real feminists would not take things at face value and actually do proper research on exactly how the conversation unfolded in the interview.

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And even if we do not agree with someone and want to add our own comments, it is better to do that in an educated and sophisticated way. There is absolutely no need to bash someone for the opinions they hold.

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