Former Pakistan cricket captain Sarfaraz Ahmed is renowned not only for his achievements on the field but also for his philanthropic endeavors off the pitch. Recently, he captured hearts with a groundbreaking announcement to establish a free university in Karachi, in collaboration with the JDC Foundation Pakistan.

Ahmed’s visit to the JDC’s International Free School House of Education, alongside his brother, marked the beginning of a visionary project. During the meeting with JDC’s general secretary, Zafar Abbas, the wicketkeeper expressed his aspiration to emulate the success of the House of Education by creating a university on the same model as JDC’s House of Education.

For the unversed, JDC’s House of Education stands is free school, established by JDC, adhering to international standards while employing the city’s finest educators to cater to underprivileged students.

The announcement of Sarfaraz Ahmed’s initiative was made public through JDC’s Facebook page, accompanied by a video. The caption revealed Ahmed’s intention to establish an international university in Karachi.

Zafar Abbas, speaking on the project, stated that Sarfaraz Ahmed is planning to establish a free university, that will feature top-tier educators and administrators from both national and global backgrounds.

Meanwhile, reflecting on his motivation behind this idea, Sarfaraz Ahmed highlighted the financial constraints faced by many aspiring students due to rising inflation. Driven by a desire to alleviate this burden, the former captain pledged to establish a free university for the youth of Karachi, in collaboration with JDC.

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