sarah khan aurat march
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Adding onto the long list of female celebrities who have misconceptions of what feminism demands, Sarah Khan has shared her two cents.

Aurat March and Education

In an interview with The Current, Sarah Khan commented about Aurat March that could offend many. She remarked that “don’t teach your daughters to go to the Aurat march.” Instead, she advises women to educate their sons. The problem with these statements is that they are extremely vague and misinformed! 

What exactly should sons be educated on? Sarah Khan is yet to comment on that because Aurat March symbolizes many other things besides gender-based violence and oppression. Aurat march is a show of solidarity against gender roles, against oppression, against the glass ceiling, which Sarah Khan herself may be a victim of.

sarah khan aurat march
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If all the women today suddenly decide to halt their fight in hopes of starting to educate their sons, the world would go back centuries in time.

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Sarwat Gillani’s Comments 

Sarwat Gillani, the famed actress behind the progressive and controversial TV series churails, was no better. In as many words, Gillani said she does not believe in feminism but believes men and women should be equal. 

That is like saying I don’t believe in the coronavirus vaccination, but I think people should be treated for coronavirus.

Layman’s Guide To Feminism

The problem might not be with their intentions; it might be with their knowledge. Feminism is a social movement that demands equal rights for men and women. It actually serves to fight the notion of one gender being superior (the male) while the other is deemed inferior.

sarah khan aurat march
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In today’s day and age, where information is only a click or a tap away, ignorance is embarrassing. If they are aware of their influence, it is their duty to be informed before they speak.

Questionable or not?

However, she appreciates her husband breaking free from them in the same breath. Khan has a lot to say about how women are caretakers of the household, which is confining the woman to the home. However, she is also very appreciative of her husband not doing the same and encouraging her to work.

sarah khan aurat march
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As we said before, this is a classic case of misconceptions. However, the time has gone for misconceptions to be deemed as accidental; this is irresponsibility. 

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