Sarah Khan Reveals Details About How She Got Married
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Sarah Khan and Falak Shabbir are some of those couples in the media who seem to get a lot of attention. Their love story started back in 2019 when we got to hear the news of them getting married. In a recent interview, Sara sat down with Nida to spills some beans about her wedding and the proposal.

Sarah Khan Reveals Details About How She Got Married
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Sarah Khan’s Latest Interview 

Sarah told Nida how Falak and Sarah got together after a fashion show in a very candid interview. He proposed to Sara just after meeting her twice. Falak then approached her father and sent the wedding proposal. Khan then moved on to tell how they met twice before setting up a meeting for the entire family.

“My father wanted to meet the guy first before meeting the family.” Said Sarah in an interview. Adding ‘that matters the most for my father and family’

Sara mentioned how Falak and their siblings met in a meeting before the wedding took place. “Our wedding took place in a hurry within three months,” added Sara. She was mentioning how the wedding was postponed due to the COVID situation in the country.

Sara then responded to a question from Nadia that if there were any restrictions imposed from Falak after the proposal. In response to which she mentioned, “I never had any restrictions from my family, and my father chose someone like himself”. She further added, ‘how Falak treats her exactly how her father used to treat her mother.’

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The News Of A New Family Member

Falak Shabbir and Sarah Khan recently announced that they are becoming parents in an Instagram illustration. After which, the public sent lots of love and well-wished their way as the couple embarks on a new journey.

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