Ranked No.1 Indian by the Women’s Tennis Association Sania Mirza is currently going viral for turning down Parikshit Balochi’s request to watch the T20 World Cup. The former tennis player is an avid user of social media. She often shares insights into her daily lifestyle and updates fans on her agenda. But right now, she’s popular for something else.

Sania Mirza Serves Rejection

RJ on UAE’s biggest music station, Parikshit Balochi posted a comedic reel on Instagram and captioned it, ‘If Sania Mirza comments on this reel, I will never watch cricket again’. Moments later Sania herself appears on screens, she gives the viewers a wink and walks away.

‘Janam Pyaar Tumse Hai’ is the trending audio this reel was posted to. ‘SADQAY’ a song by Pakistani artists Ashir Wajahat, NAYEL, and Nehaal Naseem, is a popular song and has now taken over every Pakistani’s feed.

Balochi posed a question in the comments asking Mirza, “But can I watch T20 World Cup? Please.”

”NO you can’t” and a devil face emoji was everything Mirza had to say.

It was no surprise when Shoaib Malik’s third time tying the knot with Sana Javed shocked the entire industry. The Karachi Kings’ superstar was caught in an affair despite being in a seemingly happy marriage with Sania. This had been going on for three years prior even though it recently went public. The affair came to attention because Shoaib insisted Sana should attend too wherever he was invited. 

When all efforts failed, Sania then initiated the involvement of his family in the matter. They all flew to Dubai on short notice in an attempt to reconcile the couple and eradicate misunderstandings. But it seems things didn’t work out well and their absence at the third wedding proved they had sided with Sania. 

Formerly married to singer Umair Jasawal Sana announced her union with Shoaib unexpectedly on a Saturday morning and Sania’s fans did not take the news well. Shoaib was called out for moving on and getting married again. Later fans also pointed out he did so while Sania was still trying to navigate her way through the rumours about their separation.

Support for Sania came from across the world, encouraging her decision to no longer put up with her husband.

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