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It’s difficult for people to understand that giving birth is a crucial process.

We live in an ignorant society where people will tell you to hide your baby bump under loose clothes and dupattas, so that you don’t look pregnant, as if it is a crime!

They expect you to bloat into a balloon during your pregnancy, otherwise, they assume it is not healthy and want you to get into shape the day you deliver the baby.

The sad part?

Your friends, your colleagues and your relatives are among those who are body shaming you for your post-pregnancy weight instead of realizing that this what motherhood has brought to you. People need to realize that it takes some time to get back into shape and most importantly, it is not that easy!

Last, year In November, Sanam Jung gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

While her family, friends, and fans were excited to hear the news, there were others who couldn’t resist to body-shame her for her post-pregnancy weight.

Sanam came back to hosting her morning show at Hum TV after taking a little break.


People were quick to shower her with comments on her body weight, while Sanam remained silent.

The body-shaming didn’t stop, various photos of her went viral in which people couldn’t talk about anything else but her weight gain. The comments were mean, harsh and what not, but Sanam kept her calm while continuing to host her morning show, knowing all the harsh comments she was getting subjected to.

The morning show queen has now silenced her haters with her post-pregnancy weight loss.

Her dramatic weight loss is literally a slap in her haters’ face.

About last week! #Happysunday #beachfun #mommyandme #mylife #myworld

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She took to Instagram to share her weight loss with her followers.


Jung has lost a whopping 17.5 kgs and apparently, it’s the celebrity trainer Shoaib Khan that helped her get into shape!

With a strict diet schedule and vigorous fitness training, Sanam has become an inspirational sensation with this drastic weight loss.

My world ❤️

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For those who don’t know, Shoaib Khan is the fitness instructor of various superstars!

With a dedicated exercise routine, he has helped many achieve that fab figure!

These weight loss secrets of our favorite stars should inspire us all to get off the couch and hit the gym for a fit, toned body and a healthy lifestyle.

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