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Sanam Chauhdry, famously known for her work in Ghar Titli Ka Par, has taken a step back from her career and ‘turned towards Allah. ‘

The star took to social media to mark her birthday with a special announcement in August. She replaced the “Actress” in her Instagram bio with a “Muslim mother,” who’s “learning Islam,” and removed all photos of herself from her feed. Taking to her Instagram Stories, she announced that she has “turned towards Allah.”

She wrote, “Those following the religious path have such pure hearts. Everyone is congratulating and welcoming me to the right path with beautiful words. And everyone is ready to teach me from the Quran. So much motivation already! May Allah guide us all!”

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Sanam Chauhdry’s Latest Video

Recently, Sanam went live on social media and revealed the reason for leaving showbiz in detail. She mentioned how she felt doing things for the creation rather than the creator and how it made her feel bad.

“I wanted to approach the Quran, and I talked to my teacher about it. He got me in touch with it. Once I reached the second chapter, I felt connected to myself. It felt like as Quran was talking to me.” She wrote.

“I started wondering about my work and whether my work is making Allah happy or not? So I got a reality check, and you can also check yourself. I connected with Allah. The saying that you take one step towards him and he will come running towards you. The same things happened to me. I just wanted to get in touch with Quran, but everything happened naturally.” 

Take a look at the detailed video of Sanam below. 

The former actress also shared the news with her family and friends, who supported her decision in a heartfelt manner.

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Married to singer Somee Chohan, Chauhdry has only kept photos from her Nikkah ceremony on her Instagram for public viewership. The couple has a baby boy together.

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