Sana Khan Was Questioned Over Her Choice Of Hijab On Latest Instagram Post
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Being a woman in the world means getting questioned every day about your choice of clothes, profession, and how you intend to live your life in general. The idea behind questioning women does not stem from cultural values; instead, it is engraved in people’s minds because they like to scrutinize and comment on someone else’s life choices.

Every day we tend to hear the same things over and over again. Celebrities are no different than us. But, while being in the spotlight, they are more on target of getting objectified and scrutinized. And the same situation happened this time with Sana Khan.

Sana Khan Quits Bollywood 

Last year Sara announced her marriage to scholar Mufti Anas Saiyad and planned to preach Islam. She quit Bollywood in the same hopes the previous year. She also started wearing hijab at the same time. At the same time, people were quick to question her values at that time. It seems like people are still not over the fact, as she came across such a comment recently.

Sana’s Latest Post On Instagram

Recently, a comment was posted on her social media where her choice of hijab was questioned. The troll was quick to relate her choice of hijab with education and asked,

“What is the point of getting this much education if you are going to cover your head like everyone?”

In response to the comment, Sara replied, “If, despite wearing a veil, I can do my business, have amazing in-laws and a husband, what more [do] I want? And [I] have completed my education, too. So isn’t this a win-win situation?”

Looking at Sana’s response, we hope that the troll understood why you must not question anyone regarding them preaching their values and religion.

In a world where we are constantly scrutinized, it takes a little empathy and kindness to make someone’s day, so you are tempted to leave such a comment the next time. Think first!

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