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Samsung, a major player in the tech world known for its innovative smartphones and gadgets, is extending its popular internet browser, Samsung Internet, to Windows computers. This move comes as a part of their effort to provide users with a seamless browsing experience across different devices.

Free Download and Interface Resembling Google Chrome

The Samsung Internet browser has garnered attention for offering unique and advanced features not found in Google Chrome, particularly on Android devices. This includes features such as ad-blocking and picture-in-picture support, which have positioned Samsung Internet as a strong contender against Google Chrome in the mobile browsing space.

Samsung releases web browser for Windows - News
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Now, Samsung is making this feature-rich browser available for Windows PCs as a free download through the Microsoft Store. Visually, Samsung Internet bears a striking resemblance to Google Chrome, with some UI elements still displaying in Korean, indicating that the browser is still a work in progress.

Customizable Ad-Blocking and Dark Mode Support

One of the standout features of Samsung Internet is its native ad-blocking capability, which can be customized to suit users’ preferences – from a basic level to more aggressive ad-blocking. Users can also force the browser to display websites in dark mode, even if the sites themselves lack a native dark theme.

Moreover, the browser supports syncing of bookmarks, settings, and open tabs across devices, provided users log in to their Samsung Cloud account. However, this necessitates installing an additional Samsung Account app on the Windows PC. Notably, syncing login credentials from Samsung Pass is not yet supported, requiring users to continue using other password managers for now.

Syncing Features and Extension Support

Additionally, Samsung Internet for Windows allows for the installation of extensions, directing users to the Chrome Web Store. Yet, it appears that this feature is not fully functional yet, as the install button for extensions remains inactive.

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Despite utilizing the same Chromium rendering engine as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, my experience with Samsung Internet on Windows was less than ideal. I observed laggy scrolling and sub-par performance during my brief usage of the browser.

Future Enhancements Plans

However, Samsung is expected to address these performance and translation issues in future updates. Known for regularly enhancing its mobile browser with new features and improvements, Samsung aims to significantly improve Samsung Internet for Windows. Future plans also include integrating Samsung Notes and other services, positioning the browser as a strong competitor to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge in the future.

For interested users, Samsung internet for windows is available for download, accessible across a broad range of modern desktops or laptops running an x64 version of Windows 10 or 11. This expansion signifies Samsung’s endeavor to provide a diverse user base with a browsing alternative beyond the confines of Samsung-specific devices.

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