Samsung incorporates voice call recording over wifi
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Samsung developments are always head-turners and they don’t leave room for compromise. They make sure to deliver on quality and there is consistency in their products. There have been failures in the past but they have incorporated feedback quite well in their future products. That said, Samsung’s latest software update for Galaxy S24 smartphones brings significant enhancements beyond AI features.

When AI is being integrated that much into our daily lives, it only makes sense to see it stride in the smartphone domain. From photo editing to voice calls, AI is becoming a norm more and more. Among the notable S24 upgrades is the introduction of Wi-Fi call recording in One UI 6.1, expanding the calling experience. This feature is exclusive to VoWiFi mode (Voice over Wi-Fi), enabling call recording directly over Wi-Fi networks.

samsung s24 wifi voice call recording feature
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Samsung Enables Recording

VoWiFi serves as a valuable alternative for making calls in areas with poor cellular network coverage or signal range limitations. Thus, if you are in a place with less coverage, you will still be able to make sure of this feature due to the VoWifi mode. The ability to record calls in VoWiFi mode is particularly useful for capturing important information during lengthy conversations.

To activate VoWiFi call recording, users can access the phone’s settings menu, navigate to Calls, and enable the feature under Other Call Settings. This is a feature that is being rolled out gradually and you can begin to see it more as you dive deeper into the mechanics of your smartphone. It will certainly provide a lot of ground to cover when it comes to tech development.

Call recording feature now available
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Future Developments in Place

It’s essential to recognize the ethical considerations surrounding call recording, as recording conversations without consent may have legal implications in various jurisdictions. This also gives rise to a privacy issue where a person can have their call recording without them knowing. Thus, Samsung will have to come up with a counter update to make sure the other user receives a notification or a prompt to allow call recording.

Until that update is out, users are advised to exercise caution and thoughtful consideration before utilizing the VoWiFi recording feature.

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