new AI features of Samsung Galaxy S24 leaked
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When we talk about AI, we understand that our intention is not just to talk about Terminator. Yes, that movie showed a bleak future with a sentient AI, but that is not what it is all about. What that movie portrayed was general intelligence and we are talking about artificial intelligence. If we talk about integrating it in tech devices, then smartphones come to our mind at first. AI is being incorporated more and more in smartphones, making key features AI-based.

According to a recent leak, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S24 AI features have been leaked. Leaks are common when a new release is just around the corner, and it makes people feel more hyped up for the product. However, it can also be considered unethical since the release of information is not by the official brand and thus, their credibility goes down.

android features and other AI things leaked
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The Key AI Features Of Galaxy S24

So, what are these key AI-based features of the smartphone that have been leaked? Samsung Galaxy S24 AI features include live translation and ‘nightography’ zoom. The live translation feature lets the users translate foreign languages to their native ones in real time, bridging the gap between translation and response. Additionally, nightography is becoming more common these days and having a zoom feature in it means capturing the night even more perfectly.

Certain AI capabilities may be exclusive to the premium S24 Plus and S24 Ultra models. It seems that Samsung aims to compete with Google Pixel by emphasizing advanced AI functionalities. Google Pixel is yet another series of smartphones that are boasting AI integration. They are one of the frontrunners and Samsung is running alongside with this release.

leak of ai features of the phone
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Expecting The Phone Soon

Persistent rumors highlight AI as a key selling point, with leaks mentioning features like a multi-voice transcribing audio recorder. The emphasis by the company on the usage of AI marks a significant moment where it has become more common to and available to the user. Transcribing has always been a concern for many people to be able to do a multi-voice transcribe means that Samsung is certainly moving ahead in bounds.

Official confirmation of features expected on January 17, 2024, during the Samsung Galaxy S24 launch. However, we can see that a lot of rumors turn out to be true so we can expect these at the official launch in full capcacity.

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