Samsung S24 and all we know so far
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Samsung has been at the front side of many of the technological advancements taking place today. It is the frontrunner for innovation and certainly makes the users feel that way. In recent news, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S24 is not too far off. The company has an ‘S’ series that makes the series most memorable. The phones that are released as part of this series are some of the most impressive ones out there.

When the Galaxy S3 first out, it was considered a revolutionary smartphone, with new features and nifty shortcuts. Now, with the Galaxy S24 nearly on the horizon, one cannot help but wonder how far the company has come. That said, let us dive into the details of all that we know about the phone so far.

Samsung Galaxy s24 and other options
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Samsung Galaxy S24 Specs

While the standard S24 and S24 Ultra variants are expected, there are conflicting reports on whether there will be a Galaxy S24 Plus. Some sources suggest that it might be dropped from the lineup. However, we have yet to see if that actually happens. The pricing for the Galaxy S24 series is expected to start at $799 for the base model, and the Ultra variant potentially costing more than its predecessor.

Some reports suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S24 will be available in Black, Gray, Violet, and many more. Additional exclusive colors may be offered through, including orange, light blue, more. In terms of display, a peak brightness of 2,500 nits is said to be offered, and a switch to an M13 OLED panel. Design changes might also include smaller bezels and flatter edges.

other details about the galaxy S24
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Further Details on The Phone

According to some leaks, minimal changes have been made to the cameras. However, other leaks hint at improvements in the S24 Ultra’s telephoto capabilities, possibly with a new 50MP 3x zoom telephoto camera. Battery capacities are rumored to be 4,000mAh for the base model S24, and 5,000mAh for the S24 Ultra. This battery size should now be considered the standard for any smartphone.

That said, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is expected to feature the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, with RAM of up to 16GB and storage options up to 2TB for the S24 Ultra. Other than this, with how much Artificial Intelligence is becoming common, AI capabilities are anticipated.

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