samsung s21 vs iphone 12

Samsung and Apple are two of the greatest competitors in the technological industry. They are often seen competing on various amount of fronts. Where Galaxy Tabs are considered really good, the Apple iPad gives it a tough competition. Whether it is for mobility or a desktop, Apple can be seen taking a steady rise to the top.

Samsung is not behind Apple either. Where the iPhone 11 pro max was considered the tip-top phone, the Samsung S20 Ultra is now running ahead. In light of this, both the companies are entering 2021 with new hopes and bigger goals. So let us dive into the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12! Both of them are quite the sight to look at.

Samsung S21 Vs Apple
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The iPhone 12:

As we already are aware, the iPhone 12 is one of Apple’s most successful launches ever. Their Online-only event brought about many reveals as well as products showcasing state-of-the-art technology. The new A14 Bionic chip is set to throw Apple bounds forward as well as the Lidar camera.

Samsung Galaxy S21:

This is one of the most anticipated releases by Samsung. It is said to have a robust built quality as well as next-generation hardware installed. Whether it turns out to be an immense amount of success remains to be seen. However, it has some impressive features worthy of a glance.

The Design And The Hardware:

When talking about the iPhone 12, the phone has a smart, sleek design, which is sure to attract many customers. It does not bode well with any phone if it has an overly excessive body. Too much size can be impractical for the user since most prefer using just one hand for access. The iPhone 12 also features the A14 Bionic chip, which is the most advanced yet.

The Samsung S21 is reported to have a 6.2″ monster of a screen so that nothing can escape your eye. It is also said to house the latest Snapdragon 888 chipset. It is the most advanced in Android technology and should be given a glance. Additionally, it is said to have 128GB storage alongside a microSD slot.

Camera Capabilities And Battery Power:

The camera on an iPhone has always been one of its most defining features. The iPhone 5 had become quite famous because of its camera. So, when iPhone 12 came out with the Lidar camera, it shocked the world. Using the camera to detect depth in an image? It’s a feature worthy of a mention. The basic version of the phone comes packed with a battery of 2815 mAh.

The phone camera capabilities are quite new. It is said to have a triple camera array with a 12mp main camera, 64mp second telephoto camera, and an ultrawide 12mp camera. Additionally, it is expected to have a 10mp camera. It even has a 4000mAh battery, easily lasting you a day or longer.

Apple vs Samsung comparison
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The Price Bracket:

The current price of the iPhone 12 in Pakistan is set at Rs.1, 86, 000/-. This shows that this flagship phone is worth every rupee, considering what it delivers at this price.

Concerning the price, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is expected to be Rs.1, 99, 999/. It is definitely worth a buy, considering what it offers in terms of processing power, camera, and battery.

Both of these phones are definitely worth the investment and deserve the spotlight on them. It comes down to the user’s preference whether they wish to go for Samsung or Apple.

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