Samsung release of S21
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There are many developments being made in the technological sector these days. The advancements are not just related to gaming or smartphones, they extend further towards automobiles as well. Tesla is moving upward at a brisk pace. Similarly, newer and newer graphics cards are being released. Nvidia’s new RTX is a colossal beast and is definitely worth the investment.

Its capabilities stretch far beyond anything we’ve experienced so far. When it comes to Apple, their new M14 chip is being considered the stuff of legends. It’s potential goes so far, it is astonishing and shocking the audience. Similarly, Samsung is making its mark as we enter into the new year. Let us see how what new developments are they bringing forward. They released a video which states their plan and explores upon the colorful history that they are proud of.

An Era Of Samsung

Yes, the era of Samsung is also now. Apple is not the only company on a swift ascend in this uncertain era. The pandemic has forced us indoors, and its new variants are raging across the borders of countries. The race towards the vaccine was a fierce one, and it’s going through even more developments every day.

Amidst all this, Samsung is set to release a few new variants of a new phone. We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. The release is expected to be in early January, but what exactly will they be releasing? There is more to it!

New Year Developments

The company confirmed a Display Tech Event for January 6th. That is less than a week away, and much is to be anticipated. So far, we know that the company intends to release three variants of the Samsung Galaxy S21. These will be the base version, the S21+, and the S21 Ultra. It is similar to their S20 series in the sense of variants.

In Northern America, the phone is to be released with the SnapDragon 888. It is the latest chipset made by the company that brings you state-of-the-art technology. Otherwise, the chipset will be of Exynos. It is not quite as formidable as the Snapdragon, but it still holds its own in battle. All of this was shown in a video on the ‘Samsung US’ youtube channel. The video also cycles through older products in the S-Series, taking the user on a nostalgic trip. It finally ends with the latest expected release. The release of the video itself was quite subtle.


Samsung S21 release
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Moving Forward

We have still yet to see how this plays with the audience. The year is new, and they are expecting a fresh start. Everybody wishes to forget the prime event of last year. They want to see something cheerful and positive.

Samsung is set to release the Exynos variant by 12th January. That is less than two weeks away. We hope that the new S21 delivers the same that it usually does. Samsung releases in the S-Series are considered flagship ones and are worth the buy.

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