Samsung defending AI generated images
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AI is being integrated quite well into aspects of our every day lives, especially in handheld technology. That said, it is quite interesting to see that Samsung has integrated AI into its photo-editing mechanism as well. People are always looking forward to fresh innovations in technology and this is certainly one of them. We have heard of the generative fill feature in Adobe Photoshop but now it seems we are seeing AI-Driven photo editing on phones too!

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24, unveiled at the Galaxy Unpacked event, introduces the Generative Edit feature, allowing users to artificially erase, recompose, and remaster parts of an image. This lets the user play quite a lot with the editing aspect of an image, allowing for a broader range to operate in. People are certainly going to find this as a highly appealing feature since AI Image generation is limitless in terms of creativity.

Image generation by AI and Samsung stance
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Samsung Brings AI Forward

The Generative Edit feature aims to achieve photographic perfection and is accompanied by a watermark and metadata changes to indicate edits made using AI technology. Samsung’s Head of Customer Experience, Patrick Chomet, defended the ethical and necessity aspects of Generative Edit, addressing concerns about the potential misuse of the feature in altering the authenticity of photos. It does seem so that such a feature will make it to market in smartphones more and more over time, thus there is somewhat of a need of regulation.

According to the news, Samsung recognizes two consumer intentions,

  • Capturing accurate moments using AI for modifications and optimizations.
  • Creating new realities with generative AI tools, like those used on platforms like Instagram.
Image generation through smart editing
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Addressing The Future Of AI

The company also stressed the importance of distinguishing between the real and the new, and Samsung is actively working with regulatory bodies to ensure users understand the difference while aligning with European regulations on AI. Thus, while there might be people who may not entirely agree with the ethical space around AI-driven imagery, the company certainly stands its ground.

‘There is no such thing as a real picture’ are the words that we can mention heard in the statement made by the respective head of Customer Experience. It also gives us more room to think of future applications of AI in technology, especially smartphones.

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