The social media sensation, Nasir Khanjan was recently invited to Samaa TV’s Morning show ‘Naya Din’.

Apparently, things went south after the morning show’s anchor made him uncomfortable by badgering him with demeaning questions and statements.

It is no secret that Nasir Khanjan remains controversial for videos which are often deemed “against the cultural norms of the society’.

Consequently, he was invited to attend Naya Din for an interview and the host, Muhammad Shuaeb questioned Khanjan for a contentious video that went viral on the internet.

Calling it ‘vulgar’, the anchor seemingly adopted a bullying tone to school Nasir for posting it on social media.

Watch the clip going viral for yourself here.

However, Nasir remained cool and replied to the accusations without losing his calm.

Nasir Khanjan Breaks Silence

Thanking his fans for the support, Nasir stated that he felt insulted and had no clue about the questions beforehand.

He added that it is important for channels to treat their guest respectfully and promote them in a positive manner.

Here’s What Samaa TV Anchor Has to Say

Meanwhile, the host Shuaeb released a statement on Twitter claiming that silence is his best response and schooled haters for watching the complete show.

Social media is furious over the trending clip!

Here’s how Twitter is reacting over the entire fiasco.

A protest has started against the male host, Shuaeb.

And fans want him to apologize to Khanjan.

Other Pakistani journalists and media personalities were also spotted criticizing the anchor.

This is not the first time that personalities have been targeted by hosts on the show.

In 2016, Aamir Liaquat came under fire after he humiliated the ‘Eye to Eye’ singer, Taher Shah on his Ramadan show.

A year later, Aamir also faced backlash for inviting Meera and mocking her live on television.

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