Another first by Salaam Takaful Limited, Pay-As-You-Drive is a tech-based takaful coverage that tracks and records the vehicle’s mileage, and contribution payment is done every month based on the number of recorded driven kilometres. If you’re spending less time behind the wheel, then you are paying too much for your car coverage.

With Pay-As-You-Drive enjoy all the benefits of comprehensive car takaful without paying the whole contribution upfront. You only pay based on your used kilometres, and that too with a price capping mechanism, so you will never be charged extra even if you drive more than the stipulated kilometres. The product has been launched through a brilliant ad campaign featuring Shahid Afridi endorsing its offering.

Bundled with a lot of freebies through their Salaam App; like a free consultation with their in-house doctors of Salaam Virtual Clinic, exclusive discounts at various labs, pharmacies and hospitals etc, this latest offering denotes their direction towards being the most technologically advanced loss protection providers in the country. Since 2018, The company has taken strong strides towards digitization of their processes and have been able to produce innovative customer-centric solutions. Their initiatives have resulted in a stupendous growth, and last year they posted annual growth of 60% YOY despite the pandemic situation, in full swing in Pakistan.

Launching this product, Mr Rizwan Hussain, MD & CEO stated: “We strongly believe that we, as the leading takaful provider, play a vital role in providing solutions that are more flexible, cost-efficient and digitally advanced. We have made huge investments in technology to cater for the ever-changing dynamics of consumers who seek convenience, speed and innovation and that too with extra value for their money. We are very excited to launch Salaam Pay-As-You-Drive with the expectation that it will be received by the general public as the most user-friendly, convenient and economical offering for car loss protection coverage.”

With the launch of Pay-As-You-Drive, Salaam Takaful Limited aims to achieve public policy goals including; fairness, affordability, road safety, consumer savings, and choice. They are confident that this usage-based takaful model will allow many drivers to enjoy savings, convenience and hassle-free experience through a trusted platform.