Sajal Aly’s currently paying a hefty price for her recent attempts to imitate the iconic Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor. Pakistani actress and model, Sajal Aly stepped into the spotlight back in 2009. Since then she has made a name for herself in all prominent industries such as Lollywood, Hollywood, and even Bollywood. Some of her best work includes dramas such as ‘Alif’, ‘Angaan’, and ‘Ye Dil Mera’.

Fans Request Sajal… Be Original

Recently, she has been spotted mimicking “Geet” played by Kareena Kapoor in Bollywood’s blockbuster movie, ‘Jab We Met’. The Star of her world, Sajal Aly is serving as the epitome of self-love right now. Quoted in her recent upload, ”Meh hashtag bff likh nahi sakti”. She suggests throughout the video that she’s incapable of keeping a best friend because she’s her favorite. She continues with ”meh apni favorite hon” and the video concludes there. She captions it ‘Jo Baat Hai’.

Have a look for yourself:

Surprisingly, this one hasn’t been a fan favorite. The reel has been showered with comments requesting Sajal to act more originally. Bollywood fanatics have taken over the comment section too! Suggesting that Sajal should stick to her dialogues. Though some fans appreciated her perspective, others believed it was best she remained true to herself.

Here are some comments

sajal alis comment section

It is imperative to discuss that this isn’t the first time one of her reels has gone viral. Not long ago Sajal faced backlash for a video of her cutting cake with her make-up artist. Adnan Ansari, make-up artist, and the actress were called out for having a seemingly inappropriate relationship.

However, some people wished her well and encouraged her to ignore the negativity that seemed to flood her comment section. The video was of a simple celebration but no one seemed to understand the hand-holding or the forehead kisses. But neither commented on the matter and like many others it faded away.

When under the heat like this perhaps Sajal is her own biggest fan.

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