Pakistani actor Mohib Mirza is the recent person to join the bandwagon of content creators with his new awareness show “Dude Ka Dude, Pani Ka Pani”.

Mohib Mirza, unlike Ahmed Ali Butt’s “Excuse Me,” Momin Saqib’s “Had Kardi,” Imran Ashraf’s “MazaaqRaat,” and Tabish Hashmi’s “Hansna Mana Hai” hasn’t needed to invite a celebrity guest.

Mohib walks the audience through some critical yet overlooked issues in commentary style and uses some nasty puns to put his point across.

However, the content in the second video is as catchy as the title “Mardana Kamzori.” Since you’re reading this, it means you also fell for the clickbait. Apologies for bursting your bubble, but the video has little to do with erectile dysfunction.

The video is more of a disclaimer for those who are better off without the extra lengths they think they have to go to feel secure. “There’s more to a man than just banana power,” Mohib warns his viewers.

Mohib also has a public service message for young men who have just hit puberty.

The reaction to his content was even more amusing as his fans lauded him for addressing such issues.


Sajal Ali and Ali Safina also encouraged the actor-turned-content creator on social media.

Here’s the full video!

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