Actor, director, and host Sahir Lodhi recently spilled the beans on his skincare and haircare regime as he sat down to discuss his time in Pakistani showbiz.

Addressing speculations about cosmetic treatments, Sahir Lodhi dismissed any notions of undergoing such procedures despite having a sister, Shaista Lodhi, who runs the country’s leading cosmetic clinic. In a recent conversation on podcast Excuse Me with Ahmed Ali Butt, Sahir revealed that Shaista had urged him to consider cosmetic treatments, but he personally disliked the idea.

When Ahmed Ali Butt inquired about Sahir’s beauty secret, the actor shared that he relies on natural Ayurvedic remedies. He mentioned creating DIY masks using ingredients like rice, honey, and egg whites, describing them as quick fixes and life hacks.

Ahmed humorously remarked that Sahir’s beauty routine might impact Shaista’s business, to which, Sahir praised his sister’s success in the cosmetic industry.

The endless trolling

Sahir Lodhi expressed resilience against online trolling, emphasising that negative comments never affected him, except for one instance when someone targeted his daughter on social media when she was just two years old.

During the interview, Sahir also recalled his first meeting with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, addressing the age-old comparison between the two due to their perceived resemblance. Sahir clarified that he never felt a resemblance.

The greatest thing about Shah Rukh that I can tell you is that when I met him, we hugged and we smiled and he said, ‘You’re a very good-looking man,’ and I said, ‘So are you sir.’ He said, ‘Of course, it’s just the two of us.’ That was him.”

Lodhi continued, “I’ve always appreciated him a lot. He’s a very big man, he does great work. I never felt that I resembled him, I’ve never tried to portray him on-screen or off-screen. The way I am now, I am the same on TV.”

Here’s the full interview:

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