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Almost every other app at this time is extracting your data from the smartphone and either keeping it for their own usage or leaking it to third parties. So, no. No one needs to insert any tracking chip through your COVID vaccine, people. You are already being tracked. But if you are concerned with keeping your data to yourself, here is a list of all the safest apps that you can freely use without any cause for concern.

1. Signal

Signal got its time to rule alongside Telegram after WhatsApp announced its inclination of sharing user data. WhatsApp, in fact, came under a lot of fire after that and a huge number of people shifted to Signal and Telegram.

2. Clubhouse

Accommodating audio chats in groups is the main purpose of Clubhouse. But while messaging applications are usually suspected to steal data, Clubhouse does not do that.

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3. Netflix

If you are scared of losing your personal data, feel free to get entertained by Netflix in a relaxed way. This is because this app does not share your data with third parties.

4. Microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams is usually used in corporate settings. And it is of utmost importance to ensure that your confidentiality does not get compromised.

5. Google Classroom

Classroom is usually used for holding classes. The people using the app are vulnerable students. Hence, it is great that the app is amongst the safest ones which do not share personal data with third parties.

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6. Shazam

How many times does it happen that you want to listen to a song but you only remember partial lyrics? Shazam helps you identify, within seconds, what song it is.

7. Etsy

Etsy helps you deal in vintage and handmade products mostly. The categories include jewelry, bags, clothing, home décor, and furniture. They also include toys, art, and craft supplies and tools.

8. Skype

You might now be doing video calls to your loved ones with various other alternatives, but Skype is still being used. Now, it is limited to job interviews or university interviews.

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9. Telegram

The situation with Telegram is exactly similar to that of Signal.

10. Boohoo

Businesses that sell tangible products are in possession of even more extensive data. Boohoo, the website that sells men’s and women’s clothing does not share that very personal data of yours which very much includes your address.

Are you using these apps? Would you consider using them now knowing that they are the safest apps aside from the amazing services they provide? Do let us know in the comments!

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