Sadaf Kanwal Tells Her Haters To Focus On Being Pretty

Sadaf Kanwal
Image Source: Sadaf Kanwal

Sadaf Kanwal is known for being bold with haters. She refuses to take the negativity and often strikes it down with a message for haters. The model recently was in the news and has stayed that way ever since Sehroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal rumors started circulating.


The news went viral at the close of 2019 that Shehroz Sabzwari might have been cheating on his then-wife with Sadaf Kanwal. The Pakistani population bashed the model/actress more than Shehroz. Shehroz clarified that it was fake news, and he had no relationship with the said individual. A few months later, Syra posted on Instagram about her divorce.

A few more days following that post, Sadaf and Shehroz released their wedding news. And thus began the hatred filled trends against the model turned actress. And the hate never faded away. Even now, Shehroz receives pro-Syra bashes whenever he posts anything on social media, especially with his wife. The same goes for Sadaf Kanwal’s post as well.

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Sadaf Kanwal Fame

Now, the model/actress who has been nominated several times for prestigious awards, including the Lux Style and Hum Awards for the best model, refuses to take the hate and ensures that she always responds to haters.

The Recent Video

So this time as well, she responded to the haters in this viral going TikTok video. In the video, she laughingly tells all her haters that they should stop being so negative. She says that they should focus on looking pretty and not focus on hatred.

Saying it in a laughing tone also conveyed to her haters as well as her fans that she does not give any importance to negativity. It does not affect her. And most importantly, she also mentions that all the negative comments are making those commenters ugly.

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Well, all the bashing for her outfits over the years has undoubtedly prepared her for this. She has dealt with all kinds of haters. From the Islam preaching ones to the body-shamers, Sadaf Kanwal has heard it all. So no matter what the haters say, she will possibly respond to them all the same way.

And on a side note: No matter how much love Pakistanis have for Syra Yusuf, we need to understand that Syra is now divorced. And we also need to accept that Sadaf is Shehroz’s wife. So if they show love for each other and you don’t like that, scroll down. No need for hatred!

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