The vivacious Pakistani beauty, Sadaf Kanwal has often made headlines for one controversy or another. We all remember the time, the supermodel posted a picture on her Instagram account which was captioned as ‘Mr.Right’.

It looked like Sadaf had decided to break millions of hearts who were crushing on her! However, she deleted the picture from her Instagram feed.

The two were spotted together in Karachi at a Mehndi, aren’t they the cutest together?

So we wondered who this mystery Mr.Right was and dug deeper to find out the deets on him.

Meet Abraham Hashmi aka Sadaf Kanwal’s Mr Right!

Perfect nights..

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This AWW-dorable photo will make your heart melt!

So Sadaf’s beau is also a doctor! *Brownie points*

Cuffed, linked, and inked. Thank you for the lovely cufflinks @maheenzaidi27

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The two celebrated Abraham’s birthday with style in Karachi! 

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