Sadaf Kanwal Claims How 'Simple' She Is Despite Being A Model
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All hell broke loose when model Sadaf Kanwal tied the knot with actor Shahroz Sabzwari last week. Both Shahroz and Sadaf stated that they’re ‘just friends’ earlier this year and denied the rumors of dating – which is why social media was abuzz once the two got hitched.

Their nikkah took the social media by storm, and the netizens were quick to flood twitter with countless memes and their two cents on the matter. The said affair was earlier cited by gossip-mongers to be the reason for separation and ultimately divorce between Shahroz and first wife, Syra Yousuf.

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Appearing with the VoiceOver Man on YouTube, the model turned actress was asked several controversial questions by the host, whose show is known to swing sharp items at celebrities, catching them off-guard.

Sadaf Kanwal’s Resurfaced Interview With The Voice Over Man

The model is popular with landing herself in hot waters over verbal diarrhea in most of her interviews. When the host Wajahat Rauf asked, “why do you change your boyfriends like people change their clothes?” The model was quick to respond and clapped back saying, “I’m too young right now, I’m a baby, and I’m exploring.”

On the other hand, actor Shahroze Sabzwari released a video on Monday night defending his wife and his family. The Chain Aaye Naa actor took to social media and shared a four-minute-long clip.

The actor released the video in response to the latest controversy that he landed in after tying the knot with model Sadaf Kanwal.

Sharing the video on Instagram, Shahroz curtly stated, “The only reason I am recording this video is to defend my family and myself. Something I have a right to. Whatever is being said about my family, about me, I shall guard with my last breath, because I am a righteous man.”

He continued, “I stand before my God, the Holy Book and my Prophet (PBUH), and vow that the separation between Syra and I happened in August 2019. The reason for the said separation was never a woman. Sadaf was never a reason for our separation; neither was infidelity.”

Shahroz further added, “Whoever is claiming that the reason for our failed marriage was me cheating on Syra, should come forward with proofs. I challenge that person too.”

Talking about his separation, the Dilruba actor added, “I met Sadaf for work after three or four months after my separation with Syra. I made a video earlier, which is now being edited and twisted. I can vow that nothing I said in that video was a lie because, at that time, Sadaf was only my colleague. After that first video, Syra and I tried to reconcile, but we couldn’t. The reason why our marriage broke has been very personal to us as a couple, and we couldn’t solve it.”

What’s your take on this entire matter that’s now circulating on social media?

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