saba qamar birthday
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Saba Qamar recently announced that her plans of marriage with Azeem Khan are over for personal reasons. Though this news may come as a surprise to many, what’s an even greater surprise is her birthday bash!

Saba Qamar Turns 37

The Hindi-Medium star grew a year wiser in the midst of her friends on a birthday bash. Dressed in an off-shoulder navy dress, she made sure to stand out as the birthday girl. Pictures available to the people are quite restricted as of yet but we can see that it was an intimate gathering with her closest friends. 

Plus, how cute is that cake? We love the popcorn at the top!

People Are Confused

The comments below are littered with perplexed fans. How can someone who just called off a marriage celebrate their birthday this joyously? Was it a publicity stunt then?

saba qamar birthday
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Check out the comments coming through:

saba qamar birthday
Image Source: Instagram
saba qamar birthday
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Are They Valid?

Questioning a person’s happiness on their birthday despite whatever they go through seems rather harsh. We, as fans, have only limited knowledge of what their relationship entailed. Hence, seeing her happy being single and turning 37, we should only send her well-wishes rather than raining on her parade!

A Marriage or an Internet Friendship?

The whole Saba Qamar and Azeem Khan fiasco was something of an other-worldly nature. In no time were rumours of their marriage flying about and in just a split second, they were dashed. 

Moreover, in the statement that Qamar put out, she said that her meeting with Azeem Khan had primarily been on social media. Can we believe that Qamar had agreed to marry a person based on just social media interactions? It’s all too confusing and seems like a stunt.

Why Saba Qamar Is A Favourite!

Saba Qamar is undoubtedly a distinguished voice in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Her personal accolades aside, she unabashedly owns her personality and has never curated a fake media side to herself.

Her hilarious short videos in which she makes a commentary on society’s double standards when it comes to women won hearts. Her honesty when she shares her vision for life or even shares any news such as this one is scarce. 

Moreover, as any star, she has been at the receiving end of many hate trains. However, that has never stopped her from doing what she loves, dressing how she wants and saying what she needs to say! 

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