The arrival of the acclaimed football player Ronaldinho and Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs in Pakistan has proved that the nation is fit for hosting international sports tournaments.

It all happened, and happened successfully.

The foreign players were shocked to see the passion for football amongst a cricket-crazy nation. All of them had a blast in Pakistan and just could not stop praising the nation and its people.

Of course, all the players were welcomed and provided with tight security, handled by Pakistan Army.

Thus, Ronaldinho took to Twitter to thank Pakistan’s Army Chief for all the efforts and hospitality.

He made sure he shatters all stereotypes the world hears about Pakistan and the world knows that it is a safe place to live!

Even Ryan Giggs did not shy away from lauding the love he recieved upon his arrival.

“hopefully we will be able to send a message to the world that Pakistan is a good and safe place to visit.”

It is indeed a proud moment for the nation to recieve such heart-warming testimonails from the world’s most popular atheletes! This proves that the time has arrived that international sports returns to our homeland.

Pakistan Army has proved  that is capable of providing the best security to all the international stars visiting the country.

We are sure that very soon we will witness the rise of international sports again in Pakistan!