The healthcare industry of Pakistan is developing rapidly and successfully since the systems have become easier due to the implementation of the latest technology. The online consultations of doctors and online pharmacies have set the trend among the people of Pakistan. However, online pharmacies have played a vital role in serving the country’s population since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

During the pandemic, a major shift has been observed from offline shopping to online shopping; however, in the healthcare industry, offline pharmacies also moved towards online to serve the people during the times of lockdown in the country.

Online pharmacy has created a boost in the healthcare sector, including the public and the private sector. According to the statistics, the private healthcare sector serves more than 70% of the population of Pakistan, and now the online pharmacies are also expanding to facilitate patients with online deliveries of medicines.

Healthcare items are essential, and the pharmacies have identified the need for its timely delivery. Pakistanis have also started to learn the online ordering systems as the status quo from offline shopping has been shifted to online cart shopping.

People in Pakistan have shown a massively positive response towards the online facilities provided by the pharmacies. Hence, an increase in the number of online orders has also boosted the interest of investors to invest in the online pharmacy side of Pakistan.

Role of Online Pharmacies in the Healthcare Industry

The significant role of online pharmacies has been seen in the healthcare sector, where reliability and on-time deliveries have created a positive impact. From OTC to all prescribed medicines are now available online in Pakistan.

Online pharmacy is no less than a blessing for people living in rural areas where patients of any rare or common diseases face many difficulties finding a pharmacy in their nearby areas. Online pharmacies have resolved several issues where most pharmacies are delivering all over Pakistan.

According to the official reports, the healthcare sector has witnessed a positive impact on online purchases of medicines. People buy medicines through websites or apps of the pharmacies registered online.

Various roles of online pharmacies in the healthcare industry of Pakistan are as follows:

  • To offer accessibility of medicines to the people living in rural areas or any area of the country with limited mobility.
  • To provide doorstep delivery.
  • To provide fast delivery service of medicines.
  • Licensed pharmacists work by following all health regulations.
  • Easy to use online pharmacy apps and websites to order medicines.
  • Standard customer services are offered to customers online.
  • To offer prescribed medicines after the prescription is reviewed by the pharmacist online.
  • Usually, all medicines and healthcare products are available online.
  • To offer online availability of locally as well as international manufactured medicines.
  • To ensure all healthcare policies.
  • To offer discounts.
  • To offer online availability of allopathic and homeopathic medicines.

Medicine is the most sensitive matter in health, but Pakistanis have shown their trust in online pharmacies, leading the healthcare sector to grow more.

Best Pharmacy in Pakistan

Several pharmacies are considered among the top or best, but since most of them have now shifted to online, the ones with the fastest delivery are considered best.

The role of online pharmacy has made lives easy. Not only medicines but other healthcare equipment are also available online. All are now available online if you want to order any healthcare item, personal hygiene products, health safety products, etc.

Online pharmacies in Pakistan are excelling as many have collaborated with the courier companies for overnight deliveries or same-day delivery to be quick.

Dawaii, Dvago, Servaid, Sehat, and many other pharmacies serve their exceptional services in Pakistan. The pharmacies are again on high alert as a new transmittable virus has arrived with its first case in Pakistan.

Online Pharmacies Post Covid-19 Situations

In post-COVID-19 situations, the online pharmacies are constantly working the same way as they did during the pandemic. The focus is to serve patients at their earliest. The e-commerce industry in Pakistan is growing, whereas healthcare is also contributing to online services.

According to the official sources, online pharmacies are advised to store major stocks so that the inventory will help to fulfill the demand in uncertain situations in the upcoming months. WHO has advised taking safety measures for the new variant of the contagious virus.

Online pharmacy Pakistan is contributing to the healthcare sector and humanity. The people are satisfied with the services, and through this, the companies are also generating huge profits. Online pharmacies also offer discounts on medicinal products; however, the delivery charges are applicable for home delivery.