Recently, there have been some concerning events at the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. Many passengers have reported seeing rodents and stray dogs in different parts of the terminal, causing distress. One such video that went viral showed a persistent rat getting into the elevator and trying to mess with electrical wires. This poses serious safety and health risks for both travelers and airport staff. Have a look.

The situation got even more chaotic when a stray dog was spotted in the concourse area, leading to panic among passengers. Unfortunately, it seems that the airport administration hasn’t been able to effectively deal with these issues, worrying witnesses.

These incidents highlight the urgent need for better sanitation and pest control at the airport. The safety and well-being of passengers must be the top priority, and airport authorities should act promptly to resolve the situation. As people continue to use the airport for their journeys, it’s crucial for the authorities to prioritize proper sanitation protocols and address the root cause of these problems. This will ensure a safer and more pleasant experience for everyone at the airport.

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