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One of the main issues in Pakistan is road rage. A subject that many Pakistanis avoid discussing. We’ve always questioned why this isn’t discussed or why no one has ever thought to stop it or taken any action.

Lack of authoritative support

In Pakistan, the lack of authoritative support and the absence of justice has caused these road rage incidents to increase exponentially. No one is worried about the consequences hence there is mayhem in the cities. While many government registered cars drive like they own the roads, many rickshaws and bikes suddenly find out that they have extra lives while on the road. In Pakistan, we don’t drive our cars but we protect them while driving.

The menace that road rage cause

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These incidents not just cause unnecessary fuss and violence but often results in the weak and innocent ones succumbing to the overwhelming chaos. It is especially important to point out that the problem is bigger than it seems. The frustration of Pakistanis due to the uncountable issues any citizen is facing on a given day results in them pouring out their emotions on the road. While this is no excuse, it really is the sad reality we all are facing.

Law enforcement authorities need to take strict steps to ensure safety and peace among the citizens. Installation of honest and effective traffic police troops needs to be done in order to prevent such incidents from occurring. The problem is graver since these traffic police troops do not have enough authority to actually carry out what needs to be done and also due to the pressure they have to face from the upper end of the food chain when someone uses their so-called “source”.

With that being said, it is highly unlikely to stop road raging while it is happening. We all have witnessed cars pacing right by us and racing on open roads which usually do not end well. This goes in circles since this disrupts the natural flow of traffic and causes accidents which then again, aggravates the issue.

What can we do

This problem can not be treated overnight. Traffic education is key in dealing with this problem which requires constant reinforcement. In addition to that, CCTV cameras need to be placed at every corner to track down the culprits since strict consequences are the only effective and fastest method that works for us. Implementation of traffic rules has been an issue forever and this might not change suddenly but some steps need to be taken. The laws are present but the implementation and the effectiveness they require are nowhere to be seen.

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While this is true for all laws in Pakistan, it is high time things change since we deserve better. The last thing any of us want is to get in an altercation on the road with some random drunk driver or a frustrated uncle. We need to understand that while we rely on our authorities, it is time we change ourselves for no one but us to ensure a safe and peaceful environment.

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