Rizwan Beyg Accuses Haris Shakeel For A Shameless Copy Of His Work
Image source: https://www.dawn.com/

Plagiarism is the act of passing off somebody else’s ideas, thoughts, pictures, or stories as your own. Plagiarism exists in the world for as long as we can remember. The lack of effort or creativity can lead to plagiarism. However, sometimes two different people have the same set of thoughts and ideas, so, in such situations, measures must be taken to counter-check or lookup up specific ideas to eliminate the risk. Plagiarism exists in every field, from fashion to music and writing. This time Haris Shakeel is being accused of the deed.

Haris Shakeel Copies Rizwan Beyg

Recently, a Pakistani designer is accused of copying another designer’s work. Thus, two prominent Pakistani designers, Haris Shakeel and Rizwan Beyg, face a series of events. Shakeel seems to have copied a signature design from Beyg’s collection. While he might have plagiarised or just this couple be just a co-incident. However, designer Haris Shakeel is also previously accused of copying Farah Talib, and the fashion industry called him out on it.

Maliha Rehman Calls Out The Issue 

A fashion and lifestyle journalist Maliha Rehman talks about the situation in a detailed Instagram post. At the same time, she mentioned how the resemblance is uncanny in both designs. Shakeel has been passing off with copying different designer’s work for quite some time now.

Avoiding Plagiarism 

Creativity allows you to express yourself, whereas copying someone else’s work makes you fell short in terms of ideas and designs. The theory behind creativity is to ensure that the piece belongs to you no matter what you have designed. Therefore, creating something of your own brings contentment and helps you create a name for yourself.

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