The smashing win by our very own Pakistani team against India received an enormous response from cricket lovers world-over. Pakistanis across the globe could not contain their excitement and social media was buzzing with fans from both teams!

Bollywood veteran actor, Rishi Kapoor, however, fell flat on his face after being overly confident through his Twitter account after the Indian team was thrashed by the boys in green! Twitteratti’s supporting Pakistan had a field day bashing the Indian star and soon enough, the old man accepted defeat and conceded!

Rishi Kapoor’s way of saying he lost and we won!


Chintu Kapoor did not stop there and decided to further pass snide remarks!

This is how Twitteratti roasted Rishi Kapoor yesterday after India was losing the match!

Pakistani actress Meera had hilarious comebacks!


Junaid Akram was not left behind either!

Asim Azhar’s direct hit to Senior Kapoor!

Jibran Nasir sends out a brilliant Meme to Rishi Kapoor and Paresh Rawal!

Hamza Ali Abbasi Hit hard at the veteran actor!

Iqrar ul Hasan’s son had a message for the haters!

The trolls continued!






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