rihanna lingerie show
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Rihanna, the renowned singer turned business mogul and now, fashion designer, has come under fire for the worst of reasons. It is unbelievable to see what she used as the backdrop in her lingerie show!

Savage x Fenty Lingerie Show

Her lingerie show also spread like wildfire with models all dripping in Swarovski, diamonds and laces. However, only later the truth about the show came to light. 

rihanna lingerie show
Image Source: Time Magazine

The song that Rihanna had chosen to be played in the back is one that contained Islamic Hadith. Yes, you heard that right.

rihanna lingerie show
Image Source: New York Times

The Song That Should Be Condemned

The song at the heart of Rihanna’s lingerie show is called “Doom”. It had been created by a London based producer named Coucou Chloe over more than two years ago. The song allegedly has vocal samples from Hadith that talk about the end of times and judgment day.

The song basically picked up a video of a scholar in which these Hadith are being explained. She then proceeded to use them in the beats to create a song she believed would be great. The verses that are picked up and mixed in the beat are those that explain the signs of the Day of Judgement.

Appropriating Islam and Islamophobia

This action has far-reaching consequences. It shows how common Islamophobia has become in the western world. The song was released OVER two years ago yet it was just swept under the rug. Did you know about this song before this controversy? We didn’t!

The Hadith are sacred words of the Prophet that are invaluable for the believers. Moreover, they are second only to the Quran. For someone, no matter how famous or powerful, to use such an integral part of our religion and play it like this is unacceptable.

Rihanna has also appropriated Islam: using a feature integral to the religion to use for a different purpose in hers.

Rihanna’s History

rihanna lingerie show
Image Source: The Guardian

Rihanna is furthermore being criticised on another thing she had done in the past. The 32-year-old is being heavily criticised on also when her models were directed to wear a cloth on their head which resembled hijab a lot. For a hijab to be used as a prop is also ridiculing Islam.

The purpose of hijab is to inculcate modesty and simplicity in our lives. For that to be used for a lingerie brand is straight-up disrespectful. 

Muslims Unite

Muslims, especially the younger generation, are gathering to say that our religion is not someone’s aesthetic. And, we don’t get to be called dramatic because what has been disrespected is too huge.

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