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Rihanna, the pop sensation and brains behind Fenty Beauty, has confronted her mistake. The star has apologised but is it worthy of acceptance— who’s willing to forget and who’s willing to forgive?

The Star Apologises

Rihanna took her Instagram stories to write a heartfelt apology to her “Muslim brothers and sisters.” She clarified her stance that she would never intentionally or deliberately engage in the ridicule of any religion or its components. Moreover, she takes full responsibility for her negligence and promises that this shall never happen again. 

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What Was She Criticised On?

Rihanna received significant backlash after her latest lingerie show for Fenty x Savage. This was because models were strutting in two pieces while a song that contained verses of Hadith played in the background. 

rihanna fenty
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The Muslim community not only called out the famous singer for her irresponsible use of the song but also the composer. 

The Composer Of The Song Apologises

Coucou Chloe, the woman who composed the song “DOOM,” also came apologizing. Her music was released over two years ago. It was an incredibly problematic song because mixed in the beats are clips of a scholar narrating Hadith on the day of the judgment. Hadith, being as sacred as it is, was misused here.

Here’s what she said:

Are These Apologies Genuine?

Would Rihanna have apologized if this did not mean that her brand would suffer a loss? It is about the image, isn’t it? People not only started bashing her but also begun to vow never to purchase from any of her brands again. Indeed, Muslims around the world constitute a large chunk of her sales.

So how can we ever tell whether this apology was heartfelt or just a necessity? Regardless, it’s done now, and many people have accepted it also, including one of our own.

Feroze Khan’s 2 Minute Fury

Feroze Khan has taken it upon himself to be as vocally active as possible nowadays. The star is trying to speak up on several issues that matter, the veracity of which is a topic for another day. He also felt it his duty to tweet, “You are filth,” directed to Rihanna.

However, soon after Rihanna’s “apology,” the roses of forgiveness started blooming (if you’re catching our drift).

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