House of Dragon

Game of thrones has left an untouchable legacy and although nothing about the story is a continuation in the most awaited show of the year “House of Dragons” – also referred to as the successor of the Game of Thrones, the expectations are very high. The first episode of the much-anticipated show has made the strongest hearts crumble with the violence showed on screen. Those who were expecting the gut-wrenching scenes in the show have also been shocked by the brutality, however, it has filled its purpose of giving a strong and bold message to the viewers about the future of the show.

The scenes where a realm prince is slitting throats and chopping limbs have given the audience an uncomfortable, yet thrilling experience by keeping them at the edge of their seat. The plot takes place 172 years earlier Daenerys Targaryen, during the reign of Viserys I Targaryen, the grandson of the prosperous King Jaehaery. Viserys, the second of the grandchildren of the king and the man to be hailed as King after Viserys’ death.

The new King of the Westernos is shown to be contended with how things are in the region with generous qualities. When Lord Corlys, Lord of Driftmark and the seventh richest man comes to Viserys for help, he refuses to wage war which could upset the Gods of the free cities. Visery is a loving father but his brother has a contradictory nature. Daemon is Viserys’ younger brother and a ruthless character, who is at the same time, charming and cold.

The King and Queen share a very happy and loving relationship as they both adore each other. The queen is pregnant with what they will know later, their long awaited male heir to the throne and the king throws feasts in order to celebrate the queen’s pregnancy. The night is filled with joy and their personal lives seem to be going well. However, the violence in the show indicate that this happiness might be short-lived. This indicates that the show can get vividly dark, and viewers might expect to see the smile on the couple’s face vanish sooner than they may think.

Viewers have pointed out how masterfully the creators have weaved in the details from the Game of Thrones to this show to link them both. The presence of white walkers and the threat they pose and the historical facts and figures established in the first few scenes have created a larger audience due to the shadowing story. The presence of external forces such as betrayal, honor and power have made each character a fortune’s fool. This gives the show a sense on unpredictability which many viewers enjoy watching.

Viewers have also pointed out the high emotional roller coaster that the first episode puts them through when Viserys is faced with a difficult choice of either saving his heir or his beloved wife. Many had suspect it coming as everything was picture perfect in the King’s family and there was an enveloping feeling of it all being too good to be true. There have been nothing but praises about the masterpiece and the audience is eagerly waiting for the remaining episodes.

Usman Kashmirwala
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