Retailo, the fastest growing B2B startup in the MENAP region partners with Vital Group, a tea company in Pakistan. The partnership comes into effect on the 3rd of March and will allow seamless coordination between the supply and delivery of Vital products to retailers across Karachi through the Retailo app.

Vital Group’s primary product is Vital Tea, which is among the most popular brands of tea being consumed in Pakistan. Vital Tea is also exporting to 25 other countries and has become one of the biggest tea manufacturing companies within Pakistan.

The demand for tea is immense in the MENAP region, and competition is fierce. Vital will benefit from the partnership through greater access to retailers all over the city and seamless supply chains, while Retailo will benefit from better availability of Vital tea products on the digital app of Retailo and a reliable supply network of Vital products.

Supply chains in the retail industry in the MENAP region are largely informal and unstructured, limiting the industry’s potential and profits. Retailo is dedicatedly working to supercharge the supply chains of the region through technology, benefiting the retailers, manufacturers and end consumers of FMCG goods, as well as contributing positively to the economy of the vast region.

Retailo is quickly expanding the portfolio of SKUs that it holds, and is always looking to have more partners onboard. Retailo’s co-founder, Wahaj Ahmed said, “As Retailo scales its operations further, we are looking for ways to make access and availability of goods easier and solving the supply chain difficulties of retailers across the region to achieve greater success together. The partnership with Vital Tea will ensure a steady and sufficient supply of Vital Tea products to retailers across the city.”

With respect to the partnership, Vital Tea’s international Operations Head stated, “Vital Tea is committed to excellence, not only with product development, but also in supply chain management. The partnership with Retailo will be fruitful in solving the supply chain issues of the region, realizing our sales targets and helping the retail sector realize their full potential through technology.”

The partnership will consolidate Vital’s position as a key player within the tea industry in Pakistan along with strengthening Retailo’s portfolio of products.