Image Source: ARY

The pandemic spread throughout the world in 2020. With vaccines rolling out, however, we assumed that things would go back to normal. The year 2021, it seems, would not allow that. First, there was a volcano eruption in Congo, then a rat plague in Australia. And now, Pakistan is witnessing a respiratory disease spreading through poultry.

This infectious disease is called Coryza and it is already spread all over Pakistan. In fact, some of the poultry farms in Karachi have already closed down, ARY reported. The disease looks like the chicken has a common cold and respiratory problems.

The disease has also been reported in the United States, although the spread is not that viral there. Pakistan, in this regard, is more extensively hit with Coryza. Because of this, the prices are affected as well.

Looking at history, we can see that Pakistan’s chicken gets hit with diseases every now and then. Some time ago, it was bird flu, at another time it was yet another disease. And every time, the prices go down. So the poultry prices that had reached PKR 520 to 600 in the last week, are expected to go down once again.

Coryza – the disease n Chickens

Coryza is an infe4ctious disease that gives chicken respiratory issues. The changes witnessed in the chicken are nasal discharge, decreased activity, facial swelling, and sneezing.

It was being said that a similar disease was seen in quails and pheasants as well. However, that originates due to a bacterium different from the one that leads to Coryza. Coryza is only affecting chickens,

Coryza, even though, is not transferable to humans but people are still scared to buy chicken. Let’s see what happens now.

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