Young leg-spinner Rehan Ahmed appreciated skipper Ben Stokes for his support towards practicing Muslim players in the England men’s cricket team.

He shared an anecdote where Rehan and teammate Shoaib Bashir requested a day off for Friday prayers, to which Stokes shown his immediate support and encouragement.

“I remember a time in Abu Dhabi where there was a team day out on a Friday. We had Friday prayers. Obviously, me and Bash [Bashir] were there,” said Ahmed.

“I messaged Wayno [Wayne Bentley], the team manager, asking if we could miss this day because we needed to pray.

Source: Cricinfo

“Stokes messaged me straight away and said ‘come to me whenever you want about this kind of stuff, I understand it fully’. And yes, he’s stuck by his word.”

“Every time I pray he is so respectful, very understanding. Everyone is on this tour.”

Rehan also acknowledged Stokes and head coach Brendon McCullum for nurturing a fearless atmosphere, particularly for spinners in the team.

They encourage focusing on attacking lengths rather than worrying about the run flow, emphasizing the importance of extracting positives from every situation.

Source: Cricinfo

“They [Stokes and head coach Brendon McCullum] just don’t care about how bad things can go. It’s always about what good you can get out of it.

“So if I bowl four bad balls and get a wicket, that’s better than bowling 16 good balls in a row,” Rehan added.

Rehan highlighted the team’s ethos of resilience and positivity, attributing the fearlessness displayed by newcomers to the supportive team culture.

“That just shows how great the team environment is. Tommy and Bash, you’ve seen them come in and not be nervous, and that’s credit to the team,” he concluded.

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