British-Pakistani journalist Reham Khan, known for her outspoken views on social media, has once again captured the spotlight with her recent remarks on the micro-blogging platform X. This time, she shared her thoughts on the importance of choosing the right partner when considering parenthood.

“It was my decision to have kids, and I did not expect support of any kind. It had been an absolute privilege to have raised my three children. Don’t have children if you are not ready for the responsibility,” Khan stated in a tweet.

Her statement came in response to a question posed during a discussion on the platform about whether she was in a state of happiness or unhappiness when she gave birth to her three children. She is now happily married to Mirza Bilal, with whom she tied the knot in December last year.


The concern came as Khan, herself, has been raising three children on her own, following her split from first husband, Ijaz Rehman. She is now happily married to Mirza Bilal, with whom she tied the knot in December last year.


The discussion that led to Khan’s remarks began as a thread about a man’s refusal to pay for his wife’s miscarriage, which sparked mixed reactions about responsibility and negligence.

“An ex-colleague of mine had a miscarriage. When she was actively going through it after they’d set her up in the hospital, her husband was asked to clear the medical bill for her, and he turned to her and said, ‘Where’s your card?’ In the midst of her physical and emotional pain,” an X user started the narrative.

She continued, “She was in the middle of it…cramps and all..delivering a still baby 😐, and her husband, the FATHER of that baby, walked up to her in that condition and asked her to clear the medical bill for this. She asked the nurse to hand her her bag, took out the wallet, and handed it to him.”

In response to this heart-wrenching story, Khan commented, “It’s us women who choose the wrong men to have kids with. For many of us women, having a child and raising it in a certain way will be a lonely struggle. My advice is to choose wisely and be prepared.”

The woman replied, “Sadly, some women don’t get to choose. Their parents choose for them based on really odd criteria,” but Khan had an answer to that as well.

As more details about the incident emerged in the thread, Khan suggested that it was time for the mother of the newborn to part ways with such a man.


Reham Khan rose to prominence following her marriage to Imran Khan, who was elected Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2018. However, the two parted ways on undisclosed terms.

It’s worth noting that the publication of her memoir just before the 2018 Pakistani general election sparked accusations that it was done to harm Imran Khan’s political prospects.

She is now happily married to Mirza Bilal, with whom she tied the knot in December last year.

Who is Mirza Bilal?

Mirza Bilal, a US-based model, actor, and satirist, found his place in Reham Khan’s life. During a Q&A session, the couple addressed a question about how their paths crossed.

Bilal shared an interesting anecdote, revealing that their initial encounter took place at a train station. On that day, Khan was waiting at the station, carrying an extravagant handbag valued at a staggering 1 million. However, this seemingly ordinary moment turned into a dramatic one as Khan became the target of an attempted bag snatch.

In this critical moment, her ‘knight in shining armor’ arrived, and Bilal valiantly fought off the would-be robbers. With a chuckle, the couple summed up their love story, saying, “The rest is history,” before gracefully transitioning to other questions.

In a lighthearted tone, Khan captioned the post, “Haters will say it’s a made-up story.”

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