It is no secret that Reham Khan is at a full-fledged war with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman and ex-husband, Imran Khan.

The couple parted ways in 2015 after being married for 10 months. It is reported that Reham took away Kaptaan’s personal Blackberry while leaving Bani Gala.

The device’s had IK’s private information and various conversations with party members. Seemingly, Reham Khan kept the Blackberry safe and copied all the data to keep the information safe.

Last month, Reham tweeted that she will soon be releasing private chats from the mobile phone.

Staying true to her warning, she has leaked a screenshot of a text message between Imran Khan and an unknown user.

And without revealing too much, she left it upon her followers to guess the details!

A guessing game has kickstarted on social and people are curious to know who is the unknown user!

Some people put two and two together and discovered the Caller ID belonged to a woman named Maryam.

Ofcourse from all the ‘Maryams’, the unknown user could not have been Maryam Nawaz.

However, social media Sherlocks finally solved the mystery that the woman was Maryam Wattoo.

For those who are unaware, Maryam Watoo is the sister of Bushra Manika, Imran Khan’s current wife.

According to rumors, Imran Khan was linked in gossip columns to Maryam Riaz Wattoo who used to live in Dubai.

Later, Ms. Wattoo clarified that the story of their wedding was false and disturbing to her family.

To all the replies on her cryptic tweet , Reham simply tweeted:

While Reham has rolled out the messages on Twitter, they still prove nothing and has left social media in utter confusion.

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