Reema Khan Stands Against The Airing Of Turkish Series Dirilis: Ertugrul
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Dirilis Ertugrul is a Turkish historical fiction series; full of adventure. The series was available on Netflix initially but has recently aired on Pakistani Television.

The series has been considered one of the best series of its kind as is based on Islamic history. However, as the series continues to receive all the love and praise, there are a few who stand against this show and have their reservations.

Speaking of those against it, earlier, famous Pakistani film actor Shaan Shahid also expressed his two cents in a tweet. He said,

“Try to find our own history and it’s hero’s ..

Here’s the tweet he had replied to

Moreover, a day later, Shaan Shahid reached out to PM Imran Khan to make a request. He said that PTV, should produce original content such as Haider Ali, Tipu Sultan and many more. You can read the complete post here.

Reema Khan also seems disappointed 

To support her fellow celebrity friend, recently, Reema Khan in her Ramadan transmission,spoke in favor of what Shaan Shahid had said about the Turkish series. She said that she fully supports Shaan and wants the government to support local artists.

Here’s Reema Khan’s video

She further said that airing this show on a private channel is a different story but this certainly should not have been aired on a national channel. Furthermore, she said that we need to support our local artists who are sitting in their homes and give them a chance.

What do you think of Reema’s stance? Do you think what she said is right? Let us know your views on this in the comments below.

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