breast cancer
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It is October so you know it is the Breast Cancer Awareness month. But it is a phenomenon that needs to be in check all year and not just in October, especially since it is treatable. And if you do have this illness in your family, prevention is obviously better than cure. So, here are a few healthy habits that you can incorporate in your lifestyle that aid in reducing the risk of breast cancer.

1. Overweight

Overweight and obese women are more likely to have breast cancer, compared to women on the slender side. The logic behind this is that fat cells release estrogens and higher the estrogens, higher the risk. So keep your body weight in check. Now, it does not mean that you start an extreme diet. That is wrong too, you know. Instead of going to extra lengths on either case, get to know what is your personalised body mass index. Maintain your weight according to that.

2. Exercise!

Physical exercise is scientifically known to significantly reduce breast cancer risks. In meta-analysis research, the researchers concluded that every two hours of moderate exercise per week reduces the risk from 3 to 5%. So get up from your couch, put a pause on that Netflix for 20 minutes a day, which is not too much either, and start light or moderate exercise. It will do you good in the long run.

Not just breast cancer, it will also help you avoid heart diseases.

breast cancer
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3. Meat? No!

You may have heard that red meat can give you illnesses. You haven’t heard wrong. Red meat is bad, especially for women considering it increases the probability of breast cancer. And this has been confirmed by studies as well.

So skip red meat and shift to fish. Fish had Omega-3 fatty acid. The nutrients from it help reduce the risk of breast cancer.

4. Don’t Smoke

Smoking not only yellows the teeth, gives you smelly breath, and gives you lungs cancer, but it can also give you breast cancer. Due to the societal norms, women may not be smoking in larger numbers but unfortunately, society normalizes men smokers. Being in an environment where others smoke regularly is equally bad. So figure out a lifestyle that minimizes your being exposed to cigarettes, period.

breast cancer
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5. Birth control pills

Birth control pills work in combination with the woman’s age. Once women start consuming birth control pills, the risk for breast cancer rises. But if women are of a younger age group, the moment they stop taking the pill, the risk goes down. But long term use of the pill can lead to permanent consequences such as colon cancer and breast cancer. So basically cut down on the pills.

These are just a few tips and habits you can adopt in your life. And hopefully, be able to avoid cancer altogether. But the moment you doubt you might have it, go to the professionals and get diagnosed. Do not delay it for it can be deadly.

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