Red bus or local bus, which one to use
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Travelling by bus in Karachi is one of the most affordable ways of getting around, especially if you are a daily commuter. However, the commute can be quite tiresome and tedious at times, depending on what time of day it is. That said, there are two options that the people of Karachi can avail for city-wide travel. The first option is travelling through the local area buses, that have pre-defined routes throughout the city. The second option is to use the newer Red bus service that is currently operating in Karachi.

This Red Bus service has designated routes that runs more than 100 buses in the entire city. The fare is fixed and quite reasonable and it travels through most areas of Karachi. Additionally, this service has buses running every fifteen to twenty minutes, thus you never have to wait long. So, should this new bus service be availed or should we still stick to the old bus system of commute?

Bus services and red bus or local one
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Red Bus Going Everywhere

One of the most prime things about the Red Bus service is that the rates are fixed no matter how far you are going. There are mainly two rates, and most of your commute routes can be covered in Rs.100/-, going one side. Thus, at the cost of Rs.200/- only, you can have a single day’s long commute done. Additionally, these buses run quite timely and you can always expect one to show up at the stop, no matter how much rush there is in the city.

Other than that, the Red Bus service is air-conditioned. This is one of the prime reasons a person would rather go for this service than the local bus. Even if the fare is slightly higher than the local bus, the Red Bus service provides ease in terms of air-conditioning. You do not have to worry about your clothes getting ruined because of sweat. Additionally, not feeling hot while sitting or standing in a crowded bus also keeps the spirit of the people high. You see less frustrated or angry people in commute when the commute has air-conditioning.

local and other bus services in Karachi
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Taking The Appropriate Route

Of course, it is possible that a Red Bus route might not pass by your house. In that case, if a local bus service runs nearby, then we recommend sticking to that one. However, for majority of the densely populated areas, the Red Bus service is providing quite a lot for the people.

A comfortable commute with a reasonable fare seems like a good way to get around the city. It even saves you the hassle of getting stuck in traffic in your own car as well as savings on the petrol cost. There is also a lower risk of pickpockets on this bus service, but one must always stay alert.

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