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realme, the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand, is setting the standard in the industry with a 240W smartphone charging device that provides fast charging solutions for everyone. According to the most recent Counterpoint report, realme is staying true to its ‘Dare to Leap’ motto by being the first in fast-charging innovations. As a young brand, realme is able to push the boundaries even further, becoming the first to introduce a 240W-capable smartphone with the fastest charging power under Type-C standards.

Leap from a Popularizer to an Industry Leader

With the goal of empowering young consumers through cutting-edge technology and design, realme continues to realise and commercialise innovation in fast-charging technology for smartphones. For example, realme was successful in bringing 65W charging technology to the realme X7 in 2020, making fast charging more accessible to everyone. Following an innovative breakthrough with the world’s fastest 150W charging technology for realme GT Neo3 in 2022, realme is developing a 240W charging technology for realme GT3 this year.

Despite being a younger brand, realme plays an important role in making fast charging solutions accessible to all. The smartphone industry has occasionally demanded higher wattages in order to reduce charging time to less than an hour. This results in realme’s innovation of offering fast charging technology in all price ranges.

For the first time, realme is introducing fast charging capabilities in smartphone devices and expects to capture a market-leading 85% sales penetration portfolio with fast charging capability by 2022. realme was also the first OEM to release a 65W capable smartphone, the realme Narzo 20 Pro, in 2020. This follows realme’s long history of introducing cutting-edge technologies to low-cost segments, compelling the smartphone industry to adopt this technology on a large scale.

240W: Industry Highest Charging Standard

During this time, realme ranked second in the mid-high to entry level premium segments for 65W capable smartphones in 2022. This means realme is also providing market-leading technology at higher price points.

The 240W figure represents the industry’s current highest standard of fast charging technology. The realme innovation will also be the world’s fastest 240W charging technology that uses a standard USB Type-C interface.

Fast-charging technology innovation has a significant impact on the overall smartphone industry. Advances in technology, particularly in the smartphone industry, have become a top priority because smartphones can now syndicate various devices with different functions that were previously available separately. With the development of new functions in smartphones, the use of such devices is becoming more intense, resulting in additional battery usage. These issues will be resolved by the presence of a charging technology innovation, such as realme’s.

Consumers are increasingly concerned with saving time while charging their smartphone batteries. Previously, they would plug in their devices for a couple of hours and wait for a full charge. However, there is an increase in content consumption, and consumers prefer to be connected without having to wait for their phones to charge. The increase in power-delivery capabilities has significantly reduced charging time, with more than 100W capable charging technology achieving full battery charge in 20-25 minutes. realme’s latest industry-first 240W power output pushes fast charging to new heights.