The residents of Lahore came alive with the rising sun on the morning of Sunday, August 14, 2022. Decked out in their finest cycling gear or patriotic garb, they took to the streets to partake in the realme x CML Mega Azadi Ride. The ambitious cycling tour of Lahore had a fixed route starting at the famous Liberty Chowk, making its way to the historic Jinnah Library, only to close the loop back at the starting point. The starting time of 6 AM presented a real challenge for realme’s daredevil fans as the sweltering heat and humidity presented obstacles to conquer on their journey which they took on enthusiastically.

The spirit of adventure and daring attitude of the realme community is what inspired realme to be the main sponsor of the Mega Azadi Ride. realme was not the only sponsor of this magnificent event. Also lending a hand were MilKar, Life in Lahore, Gatorade, BlocBelt, Commissioner Lahore Division, and Shahid Cycle Hub. With over 300 people in attendance across bicycles and double-decker buses, the early morning Independence Day spectacle had an amazing turnout.

Cyclists started to gather at dawn around Liberty Chowk in anticipation of the start of the ride. Some cyclists brought their own cycles to ride while those who had registered beforehand were able to collect a cycle at the venue to borrow. Double-decker buses were also stationed at the venue to accommodate for those that wanted to partake in the festivities but could not or did not want to cycle. These buses along with trucks followed the procession of cyclists and also provided the opportunity for tired cyclists to turn in their cycles and get a ride from one checkpoint to the other. The total distance traveled by the cyclists was an impressive 20KM, divided into two 10KM bouts.

Once the group made their way to the midway point at Jinnah Library, they were able to replenish their energy with a short rest and refreshments. At the historic landmark, Syed Mashood Hassan, the Country Director of realme Pakistan, and Captain (R) Muhammad Usman Younis, the Commissioner of Lahore, delivered inspiring speeches to rile up the public. A bouquet was then presented to the Commissioner Lahore by team realme as a token of appreciation followed by a spirited sing-along of Pakistan’s national anthem. Cyclists were then given the clear to resume their journey back while pedestrians were loaded back into the buses to be taken to the starting point.

The realme X CML Mega Azadi Ride presented a unique Independence Day celebration for people of all ages. The air was heavy with the spirit of camaraderie as cyclists stopped along the way to help each other make it through the physically grueling course. realme wanted to celebrate unity within the country as a reflection of its tight-knit fan community. Events like these are imperative in creating a shift in how Pakistan’s population spends its leisure time. A push from realme in the right direction can inspire people to adopt a more active, risk-taking lifestyle. realme’s hope is to deliver many such unique events for its fans in the future.