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Raza Samo, the creator of the Khujlee family, is one of the top YouTubers in Pakistan. He’s been made victim to a prevalent cybercrime which he dealt with, but the after-effects still linger. Why is no one helping him?

Awesamo Loses Access

Samo’s channel on YouTube was stolen from him recently. He was hacked and, for a while, did not have access to his page that he had built from just hard work and hard work alone. His channel has a whopping total of 1.35 million followers, which seldomly any influencer gets.

Raza Samo
Image Source: Youtube

However, the unfortunate news is that while he may have gotten access to his channel back, the hacker did something for the long-term. The hacker disabled his monetization on Youtube, which means that he will not be able to earn any revenue now through YouTube.

His tweets on this matter, alone, have liked up tp 9.6K, which are an indication of the influencer’s reach. The comedian took to Twitter and expressed his worries and sentiments, and so, the people came to the rescue.

About Awesamo

Raza Samo of Awesamo / Khujlee family is a rag to riches story as covered recently by a media outlet. He’s a struggler who found his calling after a long while and is now helping others in doing so. He’s an inspiration, a source of motivation, and a great advice-giver (caution: he’s hilarious too).

Here’s How The People Are Helping

His fans, friends, and fellows are all using his name as a hashtag on twitter. The hashtags also inundated the site to the extent that it started trending! They’re tagging the official account of youtube and several other authorities so Samo can be relieved. 

The Age of Hacking

Now’s the time where every day there’s a new case of hacking. Leave influencers aside; they’re still human. Megastars have recently been hacked as well. When the BlackLivesMatter movement was going on, several political leaders also got hacked.

Hacking is seriously detrimental to your online personality, and if the account being hacked is what you earn through, it’s all the more terrible. Raza Samo has always made it a point to speak up on matters as it should be.

When a Youtube ban was speculating, he addressed the matter head-on and had precious suggestions to share. Could it be a hater? Or could it be just anyone willing to obstruct an influencer’s career?

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