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Iqra Kanwal has found herself in hot waters after Raza Sumo paid attention to a controversial comment made by her. Iqra Kanwal is a singer and rose to popularity through participating in all media platforms, especially TikTok and Instagram. Raza Samo is a YouTube comedian, and he is great at what he does. He uses comedy as a tool to educate others and bring positive change in the world.

The Return of Raza Samo: Roasting Iqra Kanwal

Recently, Raza posted a video criticizing a statement made by Iqra Kanwal a while ago. The statement was Iqra’s description of her song as a conversation between God and his people. She said, when I hear the song it sounds like god trying to speak to his people.

Though he might have taken his jokes too far, Raza Samo suggested to Iqra, if you have two brain cells, one with which you sing, and another with which you upload, why stress out the third? Yikes! That had to hurt.

Here’s the video:

Raza continued please consider singing on television so we can at least change the channel. He quickly noticed that the podcast host, Shahveer Jaffery, was also rolling his eyes. Raza impersonated Shahveer and said, “Why am I stuck here?” Well, does he think that? we hope not.

Unfortunately, even though it’s harsh, it makes sense. He proved after his rhetorical questions that she wasn’t in the right place and the song was just for a person. 

Raza Samo’s comeback has been thoroughly appreciated, we just wish it didn’t have to be this harsh. But as a comedian, it is what he does best and is good at. Iqra Kanwal has yet to respond but we’re hoping she takes it as what it is, a light-hearted joke.

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